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Big 12 Conference Realignment - 2011

Official: Mizzou To Join SEC

Mizzou will join Texas A&M in the SEC next season.

West Virginia Joins Big 12

West Virginia joins the Big 12, presumably to replace Mizzou.

Big 12 Conference Realignment: TCU To Join Big 12, Spurns Big East

TCU has joined the Big 12, replacing Texas A&M as the tenth school next season.

KC Star: Missouri has offer to join the SEC

KC Star: Missouri receives invitation from the SEC and leaks it to the press.

Oklahoma Wants Beebe Out

OU: Beebe must go. From Conference "Savior" to scapegoat in a year? Or has this been a long time coming?

Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Understand The Air Force Love?

Air Force does nothing to enhance the Big 12's reputation and shouldn't be considered for inclusion into the conference.

What Big 12 Schools Would Remain In BCS Conferences If The Big 12 Crumbles?

A breakdown of percentage chance that each school retains their BCS membership if the conference falters.

Texas A&M Leaving The Big 12 Leaves Us -- As Fans -- Wondering

Centuries of rivalries being bought by television rights.

SMU to Big 12: Are the Mustangs Football and Basketball Programs Attractive?

Recently the athletic diretor and president of SMU have spoken up about joining the Big 12. How do their programs stack up?

Texas A&M Aggies To Big 12: We Are Exploring Options

This is the first step towards an Aggie departure.

Texas A&M Not Invited To SEC, Big 12 To Remain With 10 Teams (For Now)

SEC presidents voted not to expand, putting Texas A&M's plans on hold.

Is Missouri joining Texas A&M in deserting the Big 12 conference?

The latest round of conference realignment talks have started at a blistering pace. Find out which Big 12 school other than A&M is possibly looking to be a deserter as well.

Big 12 Conference Dissolution – Where Each Team Would Go

If A&M leaves, the Big 12 is in trouble. See where each team will end up.

Statement from A&M Athletic Director: "I have continued to have concerns about the Longhorn Network"

Statement from A&M Athletic Director: "I have continued to have concerns about the Longhorn Network."

Conference Expansion Rumors

Conference Expansion Rumors: will the Big 12 survive? Texas A&M to the SEC? Who are the most attractive schools left?