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Big 12 Basketball

Articles pertaining to more than one Big 12 basketball school. For school specific articles, check out the school's dedicated section.

Big 12 Hoops Investigates: Rodney Terry Is Bringing the Big 12 Out West

Big 12 Hoops investigates the recruiting style of ex-UT assistant and Fresno State head coach Rodney Terry and why it feels as if he never left the conference.

Big 12 announces 2013 Men's Basketball Schedule

The Big 12 announced their 2013 conference schedule with dates, times and TV listings.

ESPN announces Big 12 portion of its Big Monday schedule

ESPN's Big 12 half of the Big Monday schedule is out! Woohoo, January basketball!

Kansas, West Virginia to take part in ESPN's 24 Hour Tip-Off Marathon

Whatever their strategy was, ESPN decided to release their schedule for this year's 24 hour college hoops marathon on the slowest day of the sports calendar. Predictably, the Big 12 is shown some love.

Top Big 12 Non-Conference Matchups for 2012-13

Here's our mid-June look at the best non-con battles involving Big 12 teams.

My Favorite Sports Highlight: Me on TV

My ultimate sports highlight isn't necessarily something that happens on the court.

What Big 12 Basketball Will Look Like if Realignment Has Its Way...Again

Three ACC schools are rumored to be interested in the Big 12. If they get in, how would they fare on the court?

2012 Big 12 Tournament: Random List Of Things To Watch For

The 2012 Big 12 tournament starts tonight in Kansas City. List of random things looking forward to seeing in the tournament.

New SB Nation iPhone App v 1.1

Big 12 Basketball Teams As Michael Jackson Songs

Whether intentional or not, Jacko happened to sing a song about each Big 12 basketball squad.

Big 12 Men's Conference Basketball Season Schedule Released

The new Big 12 men's basketball format is a great change.

Investigating Salinas: Follows the Money

Investigating Salinas: SI follows the $. Texas Tech's Billy Gillispie and Baylor's Scott Drew were major investors in Ponzi Scheme.

Big 12 Hoops Conference Call - Middle of Summer Edition

The middle of summer can tend to be a dead zone in sports. Check out the latest Big 12 Hoops conference call for some sports talk ranging from basketball to college football and even some soccer. Ponzi Schemer with Connections to Big 12 Coaches Found Dead Ponzi Schemer with Connections to Big 12 Coaches Found Dead

Who are the boldest coaches in the Big 12?

Who are the boldest coaches in the Big 12? Here are the top three, and you might be surprised by number 1.

Who was the Boldest Big 12 Basketball Player Ever?

The task of naming the Boldest Big 12 basketball player of all time is hard. Check and see who some of the candidates are.

Kevin Durant,The Most 'Fortunate' Big 12 basketball Alumni; Paul Pierce Also Makes List

Kevin Durant and Paul Pierce made the list of top 50 paid athletes.

Extra! Extra! SB Nation Big 12 Link Dump

Our weekly look at what our Big 12 SB Nation brethren are saying.

Nebraska Cornhuskers & Colorado Buffaloes Final Combined Records In the Big 12 Conference

Both Nebraska & Colorado are now gone from the Big 12 Conference. Take a look at the storied records they left behind against Big 12 conference opponents.

Big 12 "North" vs. Big 12 "South" Basketball: Who Wins?

If you put together two basketball rosters to square off with one being made up of players from the Big 12 "South" and one from the Big 12 "North" who do you think would win? Find out the teams and prediction.

Big 12 Basketball Attendance by Percentage of Capacity

K-State led the conference with nearly a 101% effort

If Big 12 Basketball Players Were In The 2011 NFL Draft

What if Big 12 basketball players opted for the gridiron instead of the hardwood? Here's where they'd play

College Basketball Attendance: Big 12 Ranked Fourth In Fans Per Game

Kansas led the conference in attendance with an average of 16,436 per game.

The One-and-Done Solution

Here's my idea for a revised NBA draft. Allow HS kids to go or commit to 3 years.

Big 12 Teams As NBA Playoff Squads

Ironically each Big 12 team has an uncanny similarity to one of the NBA Playoff teams. Find out which one you favorite schools resembles here.

Big 12 Underclassmen: Who Has Declared For the NBA Draft? Who Hasn’t?

Which Big 12ers have declared for the NBA draft? Which have decided to come back for another year? Which are we still waiting to hear from?

Gunner Pool Results - Sweet 16 Edition

A Sweet 16 recap of our Gunner Draft.

Questions for Each Big 12 Basketball Team

With the majority of teams in the Big 12 out of the NCAA Tournament and NIT lets already take a look towards next year. What is one question for each school?

Results: 2011 NCAA Tournament: Point Spreads & Predictions for Texas and Kansas Games

The Big 12 had two teams playing on Sunday in Texas and Kansas. Find out how these games went against the point spreads and how my predictions did.

2011 NCAA Tournament: Point Spreads & Predictions for Texas and Kansas Games

The two final teams remaining for the Big 12 play today. FInd out the point spreads and predicitons for these games.

2011 NCAA Tournament: Point Spread Results for Fridays Big 12 Games

Well Friday's games are in the books for the NCAA Tournament. FInd out how the Big 12 schools did against the point spreads along with predictions for those games compared against actual results.

Results: NCAA Tournament Big 12 Point Spread Predictions for Thursday

Well the first two Big 12 teams have played in the NCAA Tournament. Find out how they did and how the predictions for the point spreads on the games turned out.