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Big 12 announces 2013 Men's Basketball Schedule

It's out! Lust away!
It's out! Lust away!

What's that you ask? You want more television schedules to lust over? OK!

The Big 12 released their round-robin schedule for the 2012-13 season today (!), though of course, the games will be played just after the New Year.

This will mark the 2nd year the conference will be using the RR format since officially going to 10 teams in 2011. I think I'd rather have the Big 12 staying with 10 teams for the rest of its existence. Think about the missed opportunities from just a year ago if it weren't for the RR format. Who knows if Kansas State makes the tournament had it not been for that late-season run starting with the Baylor game they won in Waco? Will we have seen memorable games like Iowa State guard Scott Christopherson's buzzer-beater to beat Oklahoma State or Baylor and Missouri's nip-and-tuck battle at the Ferrell Center?

Probably. But the fact is, you can't decide a true regular season champion any better than the RR.

With that, here is the full sked.