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My Favorite Sports Highlight: Me on TV

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I'm not going to lie; sometimes I can be pretty vain. Or maybe that I just want my 15 minutes of fame. Either way, my favorite sports highlight is any that I can be seen in.

Yep. I'm the guy who goes to a sporting event, records it then fast forwards through the game to see if the cameras caught a glimpse of me. And truthfully it was a lot easier to archive these memories during the days of VHS than it is today, but still even catching me during a swift pan of the crowd gets my juices flowing.

Take as an example the 1997 Missouri Tigers vs. Kansas Jayhawks game. Mizzou fans call this the greatest game of the rivalry, and simply refer to it as the "Corey Tate game," but in the game, Mizzou handed Jacque Vaughn, Paul Pierce, Raef LaFrentz and the #1 ranked Jayhawks their only regular season loss of the year. I was there. I recorded the game on my VCR.

Recently I was looking through some old boxes and came across the tape. Now I don't even have a VCR anymore, but my face lit up when I read the writing on the sticker on the front of the tape.

"Mizzou-KU 1997. Me at the 1h 12m mark."

As noted, my favorite sports highlight wasn't Tate picking up a loose ball near the elbow and tossing it in for the double-overtime win. Instead, what I wanted to remember most about the game was a shot, where if you blink you'd miss me high fiving my good buddy Scott. A shot that if you didn't know exactly where we were sitting you'd have completely missed our ESPN debut.

Now, I've searched YouTube high and low and came across multiple highlights involving Tate, but in all of my research not one clip exists of the greatest high-five in either Scott or my lives. At least the greatest high five probably overlooked by millions of viewers.

What is your favorite highlight? Is it a shot of you on Kiss Cam, or does it involve something that actually happened on the court?