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How My NCAA Tournament Bracket Is Already Busted

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The 2012 NCAA Tournament doesn't tip off for another 24-hours, but already my bracket is busted.

No, not because of yesterday's play-in games, because -- unless your team is in one of the games -- who really pays attention? Instead, my bracket is already busted because of all the chalk splattered across the page.

5-seeds beating 12-seeds. 8-seeds beating 9-seeds then losing to 1-seeds. I couldn't bring myself to pick any ground breaking upsets. Sure I have a couple 5-seeds over 4-seeds in Round of 32 action, but really, COME ON PFAFF!

Did I really drink that much during the tournament last year to forget that the Final Four was comprised of a 3-seed, 5-seed, 8-seed and 11-seed? Where's the chalk in that? Or what about 2010 when two 5-seeds made it to the Final Four?

Nope, my Final Four mirrored that of the "First Brackatologist," as President Obama and I each have the same two 1-seeds and two 2-seeds. In fact, the President and I share seven Elite Eight teams (three 1-seeds, three 2-seeds and a 3-seed), and the only difference might be that he filled out his bracket before the news of the Fab Melo suspension had come down, otherwise... we both could run on the chalk platform. "Hi, I'm a left-leaning, fiscal conservative who is die-hard pro-chalk. What a cute baby you have, want a picture of the two of us?"

Oh, and our championship game picks? You guessed it... two 1-seeds.

So enter the free SB Nation "Wisdom of the Crowds" pool and see how badly your bracket beats mine, because Lord knows I'm dead man walking.

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