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Big 12 Basketball Predictions Sure To Backfire - Week 9

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Each week we will make predictions on all the league's conference games. We'll also be joined by a different SB Nation Big 12 blogger to weigh in with their thoughts. Check back throughout the week to see how much (or little?) we all know.

And this week it appears we either ALL know a lot, or ALL know nothing at all. Not much discrepencies in our picks (can you spot the one outlier in our conference picks?). I guess by this time in the season everyone seems to have a good grasp on teams'

This week we're proud to have Owen from KU's Rock Chalk Talk

And post your predictions in the comments section. If we like your picks we might ask you to be a guest picker... so take your chance and put your thoughts out for everyone to read. Also keep track of your record to see how you compare with our picks.

Big 12 Basketball Conference Picks

Joe Loyd

Nathan Kotisso

Evan Pfaff

E. Carnes

Season Record 48-24
(All Guest Picks)
Last Week 7-4 6-5 8-3 7-4 N/A
Saturday, February 25
Iowa St. Cyclones at Kansas St. Wildcats K-State ISU K-State K-State K-State
Oklahoma Sooners at Baylor Bears Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor
Texas A&M Aggies at Oklahoma St. Cowboys Ok State Ok State Ok State Ok State Ok State
Texas Longhorns at Texas Tech Red Raiders Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas
Missouri Tigers at Kansas Jayhawks KU KU KU KU KU
Monday, February 27
Texas Tech Red Raiders at Baylor Bears Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor
Kansas Jayhawks at Oklahoma St. Cowboys KU KU KU KU KU
(very close, OSU could even win)
Tuesday, February 28
Kansas St. Wildcats at Texas A&M Aggies K-State K-State K-State K-State K-State
Wednesday, February 29
Iowa St. Cyclones at Missouri Tigers Mizzou Mizzou Mizzou Mizzou Mizzou
Oklahoma Sooners at Texas Longhorns Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas
National Game of the Week - Tuesday, February 28
Michigan St. Spartans at Indiana Hoosiers MSU MSU IU MSU IU
What We're Saying
Joe: If K-State can beat Texas A&M the Wildcats will have gone 6-0 in football and basketball this sports season against the two teams heading for the SEC.
Nathan: Bravo, Kansas State, bravo! That is how you get yourself off the bubble.
Evan: So apparently once you play all the tough teams, you have a week of Oklahoma and Tech at home, eh Baylor? But like everyone else is saying, there really is only one game that every Big 12 fan should be watching. KU at home is almost unbeatable and K-State showed how Thomas Robinson should play inside against Mizzou. For Mizzou to win they need to shut down either T-Rob or Tyshawn Taylor, which isn't an easy task.
E. Carnes: The Game We've Been Waiting For is Saturday — Texas A&M at OK State! Kidding, of course. I decided to go with the home advantage and pick Kansas. But I'll be pulling for Mizzou. At the start of the season, this kind of success seemed improbable and they're such a likable bunch of guys. I'm curious — who are you cheering for? Not necessarily who you think will win, but who do you *want* to win?
Owen: Saturday's final Border War in Lawrence decides the conference champion. With a win Kansas has a two game lead with two to play. The Jayhawks haven't lost two consecutive games since 2006 and they haven't lost a senior night in 27 years now so it's highly unlikely that the Jayhawks would lose two games down the stretch. That would give Kansas 8 straight and 5 straight outright titles most likely. Possibly a top seed in the tournament and it would signal a year that has wildly exceeded expectations.

Problem is, they have to beat Missouri and the Tigers are a very good team. Honestly Missouri has probably been more consistent than Kansas and offensively they are extremely good. This game is huge for both so I suspect the Tigers to be ready and I think they are a veteran group that can manage what will likely be the most amped up Allen Fieldhouse environment this year. It should be a great game and if Missouri wins then that should lock down a share of the title at a minimum and honestly even though they'd give out two trophies you would kind of have to give the nod to the Tigers. It's the final installment of the Border war in the regular season and the stakes are huge.

See a week-by-week breakdown of how Joe, Nathan, Evan, E. Carnes and the Guest Pickers did after The Jump

Week 1
Joe: 5-1
Nathan: 5-1
Evan: 4-2
E. Carnes: 4-2

Week 2
Joe: 7-4
Nathan: 9-2
Evan: 9-2
E. Carnes: 9-2
Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation: 8-3

Week 3
Joe: 10-1
Nathan: 9-2
Evan: 9-2
E. Carnes: 9-2
ccmachine of Crimson and Cream Machine: 9-2

Week 4
Nathan: 8-3
Evan: 5-6
E. Carnes: 7-4

Week 5
Joe: 7-4
Nathan: 10-1
Evan: 9-2
E. Carnes: 7-4
TB of Bring On The Cats: 7-4

Week 6
Joe: 4-7
Nathan: 8-3
Evan: 7-4
E. Carnes: 7-4
D-Sing of Rock M Nation: 9-2

Week 7
Joe: 8-3
Nathan: 7-4
Evan: 10-1
E. Carnes: 10-1
Seth C. of Double-T Nation: 9-2

Week 8
Joe: 7-4
Nathan: 6-5
Evan: 8-3
E. Carnes: 7-4