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Big 12 Basketball Predictions Sure To Backfire - Week 8

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Each week we will make predictions on all the league's conference games. We'll also be joined by a different SB Nation Big 12 blogger to weigh in with their thoughts. Check back throughout the week to see how much (or little?) we all know.

And post your predictions in the comments section. If we like your picks we might ask you to be a guest picker... so take your chance and put your thoughts out for everyone to read. Also keep track of your record to see how you compare with our picks.

Big 12 Basketball Conference Picks

Joe Loyd

Nathan Kotisso

Evan Pfaff

E. Carnes
Season Record 41-20
Last Week 8-3 7-4 10-1 10-1
Saturday, February 18
Oklahoma Sooners at Iowa St. Cyclones ISU ISU ISU ISU
Kansas St. Wildcats at Baylor Bears Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor
Missouri Tigers at Texas A&M Aggies Mizzou Mizzou Mizzou Mizzou
Texas Longhorns at Oklahoma St. Cowboys Ok State Texas Ok State Texas
Texas Tech Red Raiders at Kansas Jayhawks KU KU KU KU
Monday, February 20
Baylor Bears at Texas Longhorns Texas Baylor Baylor Baylor
Tuesday, February 21
Kansas St. Wildcats at Missouri Tigers Mizzou Mizzou Mizzou Mizzou
Wednesday, February 22
Oklahoma St. Cowboys at Oklahoma Sooners OU Ok State OU Ok State
Texas Tech Red Raiders at Iowa St. Cyclones ISU ISU ISU ISU
Kansas Jayhawks at Texas A&M Aggies KU KU KU KU
National Game of the Week - Saturday, February 18
St. Mary's Gaels at Murray St. Racers St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's Murray St
What We're Saying
Joe: Interested to see how much revenge is on Missouri's mind when K-State comes to visit
Nathan: I did pick the Horns to make the tournament but I'm kinda surprised they still have a chance to make it out alive despite their early gauntlet. About BracketBusters, I don't think they do enough for a mid-major with a questionable profile. Maybe it could be a two week, four-game format with two games at home and two away for each participant and hopefully then, the NCAA Selection Committee would have an easier time deciding on mid-majors.
Evan: RE: the national game. I think that St. Mary's' battles with Gonzaga over the past couples years has taught them about the limelight. I think as the newcomer, Murray State will be overwhelmed by the ESPN exposure. If this were in California it'd be a slam dunk that the Gels prevail. Being at Murray State gives the Racers a boost, but I think that Murray State's nerves will get the best of them early, allowing St. M to take an early lead and take the crowd out of the contest. Then again... what do I know about mid-major hoops?
E. Carnes: I struggled with choosing Baylor over Texas. I'd really like to see Texas upset Baylor (and I think they have a shot if PJIII continues to be mediocre and the Texas freshman play their best consistently), but this way at least I'll be right on here if they don't.

See a week-by-week breakdown of how Joe, Nathan, Evan, E. Carnes and the Guest Pickers did after The Jump

Week 1
Joe: 5-1
Nathan: 5-1
Evan: 4-2
E. Carnes: 4-2

Week 2
Joe: 7-4
Nathan: 9-2
Evan: 9-2
E. Carnes: 9-2
Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation: 8-3

Week 3
Joe: 10-1
Nathan: 9-2
Evan: 9-2
E. Carnes: 9-2
ccmachine of Crimson and Cream Machine: 9-2

Week 4
Nathan: 8-3
Evan: 5-6
E. Carnes: 7-4

Week 5
Joe: 7-4
Nathan: 10-1
Evan: 9-2
E. Carnes: 7-4
TB of Bring On The Cats: 7-4

Week 6
Joe: 4-7
Nathan: 8-3
Evan: 7-4
E. Carnes: 7-4
D-Sing of Rock M Nation: 9-2

Week 7
Joe: 8-3
Nathan: 7-4
Evan: 10-1
E. Carnes: 10-1
Seth C. of Double-T Nation: 9-2