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2011-12 Texas Tech Red Raiders Season Predictions

How will the Texas Tech Red Raiders fare this season? What will their overall and Big 12 records be? Will they make a postseason tournament?

We'll answer all those questions, plus guess which teams they'll upset and which will upset them after The Jump.

2011-12 Texas Tech Projected Record:

Matt Patton:  11-19
Joe Loyd: 8-22
Evan Pfaff: 12-18

Upset Watch

Surprise 2011-12 game Texas Tech will win: 

JL: Home against Kansas State

MP: Baylor at Texas Tech. Huge talent discrepancy, but the Bears don't have a ton of experience in the backcourt and the game is very early in conference play (meaning it'll be one of each team's first real games).

EP: Really any conference game will be an upset, so I'll go with the Oral Roberts game in Tulsa. ORU is good -- and beat Mizzou at ORU a few years ago -- but I think Tech can win this one.

Surprise 2011-12 game the Red Raiders will lose: 

JL: Home against Oklahoma

EP: At TCU. The Horned Frogs aren't good, but the game is a trap for the Red Raiders.

2011-12 Texas Tech Projected Big 12 Record:

JL: 3-15
MP: 3-15
EP: 3-15.

2011-12 Projected Big 12 Standing:

JL: Last
MP: Last
EP: Last

2011-12 Iowa state Postseason Projections:

JL: No postseason
: No postseason
EP: No postseason