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KC Star: Missouri has offer to join the SEC

Could Missouri be departing for the warmer waters of the SEC?
Could Missouri be departing for the warmer waters of the SEC?

According to a KC Star report from earlier today, Missouri has been offered a spot in the SEC, but the SEC would rather wait for the Big 12 implosion than have the Tigers join immediately.

The news is obviously huge. However, there's a caveat. The SEC denies inviting Missouri. My personal opinion (which is just a semantic interpretation of the facts) is the SEC invited Missouri conditionally on the Big 12's collapse. According to Clay Travis, the SEC was very unhappy about Missouri leaking the invite to the press, as the conference is already facing legal issues.

The question now becomes, "Why then did Mizzou leak confidential information that could justify a golden parachute in the case of the Big 12's disappearance?" Well, my guess is only Missouri knows the answer. But I'm not the only one who thinks the Tigers might be dangling the invitation in front of the Big 10, which spurned the Tigers last year during the realignment start by picking Nebraska as the school to poach from the Big 12.

News of Missouri's invite comes on the heels of reports that the SEC denied West Virginia's application.