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Week 3: Big 12 Football Power Rankings

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For whatever reason power rankings always seem to be a popular thing. I know that I always click on all the different power rankings out there just to see where my teams are. For example I clicked on the major league baseball power rankings the other day even though the season is about over and my two teams, Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs, have been out of the race since before the all-star break.

I knew that what I was going to read about the aforementioned clubs I root for wasn't going to be very kind but I did it anyways. Fans always like to look and see whether their team is getting the amount of respect  they think it deserves. .

Truth be told I was going to start doing this weekly poll before the season but since I was out of town it worked out where could get a couple of weeks to watch the teams and have everyone form their own opinions after actually having watched some real live games. So without further ado.

Big 12 Football Power Rankings: (Week 3)

  • (1.) Oklahoma Sooners - Pretty obvious that the #1 team in the nation would be #1 in the Big 12 power rankings. The Sooners do face their biggest threat so far this season when they travel to face #5 Florida State on Saturday night.
  • (2.) Oklahoma State Cowboys - OSU gets the nod ahead of Texas A&M strictly because we have had an opportunity to see them in action twice so far and in their last game against future Pac-14/16 conference rival Arizona, they looked dominant. Fyi, I hope that I am only joking about the whole future Pac- 12/14/16 rival thing.
  • (3.) Texas A&M Aggies - Mike Sherman looks to have the Aggies headed for a very strong season as they play out the string in the Big 12 conference.
  • (4.) Baylor Bears - Even though they have only played once this season, Robert Griffin and company get the nod here as they showed vs TCU that going to Waco will not be anywhere near easy this season.
  • (5.) Texas Longhorns - The Longhorns get the slight nod here over Missouri as they deserve credit for finding a way to grit out a win over BYU. Now comes a game on the road against UCLA where we will find out quite a bit about Case McCoy and the Texas team.
  • (6.) Missouri Tigers - Hard to fault the Tigers for losing on the road against a tough Arizona State team but the loss followed up a less than stellar opening weekend victory. One extra thing, I understand what Gary Pinkel was trying to accomplish by taking the timeouts but seriously just let your stud kicker go out there and kick the ball.
  • (7.) Kansas Jayhawks -KU comes in at #7 which is up three spots from where they started the year in everyone's minds. It appears Turner Gill has the Jayhawks playing on a different level this year but let's wait to make full conclusion until we see them this weekend on the road at Georgia Tech.
  • (8.) Iowa State Cyclones - An impressive win last week for the Cyclones as they took down perennial Big Ten contender Iowa. If the Clones can go on the road and win this weekend at Connecticut we may have to rethink how good the so-called bottom half of the conference can be this year.
  • (9.) Texas Tech Red Raiders - Nothing that Tech did justifies them being this low but its what others in the conference have done by going out and playing and beating decent opponents. Tech has only played one game and it was against Texas State. We may not learn much about the Red Raiders until they travel to Lawrence on Oct. 1st to face KU.
  • (10.) Kansas State Wildcats - Picking the Wildcats for the bottom slot in this weeks poll was just as easy as picking Oklahoma for the top slot. We'll see how much better K-State looks this week against Kent State.