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Introducing Big 12 Basketball Team Weeks

Can you believe it? We are actually less than two months away from the start of college basketball season! (50 days until exhibition games begins... but who's counting?)

So to get us all ramped up for the season, Matt Patton, Joe Loyd and I will begin previewing all Big 12 schools next week. Each week we'll devote all five weekdays to one particular school and look forward to the 2011-12 season. The posts will be formulaic, so you'll know what to expect each day, and we'll preview the teams in reverse order of last year's conference standings, so you'll know who is up when.

The articles will be posted as follows:

Monday - "Five Questions For..." In this "Conference Call" format we'll ask each other five questions pertaining to a program and discuss individual players, strategy, outlooks and whatever else is important to Big 12 basketball.

Tuesday - "Spotlight on..." Here we'll take a look at an individual player, look at where they've been and where we expect them to go this season.

Wednesday - "Coaches' Corner" We'll take a look at the guy roaming the sidelines.

Thursday - "Schedule Preview" What non-conference games are each team playing? What are some of the highlights of the season?

Friday - "Predictions" Matt, Joe and I will predict the overall and conference records for each team, plus look at potential upsets, conference standings and post season tournaments.

See a schedule of weeks after the Jump


Week of:

September 19 - Iowa St. Cyclones
September 26 - Texas Tech Red Raiders
October 3 - Oklahoma Sooners
October 10 - Oklahoma St. Cowboys
October 17 - Baylor Bears
October 24 - Missouri Tigers
October 31 - Kansas St. Wildcats
November 7 - Texas A&M Aggies
November 14 - Texas Longhorns
November 21 - Kansas Jayhawks