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Kevin Durant v. Michael Beasley at Dyckman Park in NYC: Guess Who Got Crossed Over

Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley, the only two freshman to win Big 12 conference men's basketball player of the year, squared off last night at Dyckman Park in New York City.

In this amateur video you can see one of their one-on-one matchups, with Durant summoning his inner-Tim Hardaway with a  killer crossover that left Beasley's ankles broken. Durant finished the play with a rim-rattling dunk, much to the joy of the spectators in attendance.

h/t Quickish

Beneath the video, Dan Shanoff over at Quickish quotes ESPN's Ron Wechsler in saying: "Summer NBA/NY playground stuff is great + what makes basketball special. Can you imagine Jeter dropping in on a central park softball game?" (Ed. Note: Also imagine catching a pass over the middle in a flag football game and see Ray Lewis barreling down on you) So true!  Rucker Park, Dyckman Park... these playground legends get to test their skills against the best in the world. I can't think of another sport where not only can that happen, but where it actually does.