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Big 12 Basketball Teams As Michael Jackson Songs

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The best way to kick start a party is to throw a little Michael Jackson on the iPod. Once the King of Pop starts playing, everyone's off their butts, dancing and having a good ol' time.

So in celebration of Michael Jackson's birthday, after The Jump we'll look at a Jacko theme songs for each of the Big 12 basketball programs.

Baylor Bears – "Will You Be There"
Baylor should count their blessings they are in the Big 12. Without the support of some high ranking Baylor alumni in the Texas legislature, the Bears would probably be outside of a BCS conference. So if when conference realignment takes place, Bear faithful need to hope that those in charge will again step up and be there for the Bears.

Iowa St. Cyclones – "They Don't Care About Us"
ISU may be another casualty of Super Conference alignment, but unlike some of the other schools, the secure school in their state may not step up to protect or fight for them.

Kansas Jayhawks – "Jam"
This one is pretty self explanatory, when you've won seven straight conference titles, one could say you really know how to "Jam" the ball. (Boo me all you want for this one...)

Kansas St. Wildcats —"Rock With You"
When I wrote an article outlining where each of the current Big 12 schools might end up if the conference dissolved, the strongest reaction I got was from K-State fans who felt I overlooked their opinion that KU and K-State were a package deal. In a sense, the Wildcats are going to "Rock With kYou"

Missouri Tigers – "Smooth Criminal"
Uhh. Uhhhh. Uhhhhhh. Ok, maybe not so 'smooth'

Oklahoma Sooners – "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"
OU is like a hot girl with a boyfriend. She is probably happy where she is, but if anything happens to disrupt her current relationship, she knows that it won't be long before another guy – presumably better with more money and more prestige – comes in and swoops her up.

Oklahoma St. Cowboys – "Remember The Time"
Getting back to the OU/hot chick analogy, if when the hot girl does start dating again, don't be surprised if her jilted lover comes back asking to join her wherever she goes. OSU isn't a jilted lover, but without the hot girl on his arm, will they really be invited into the club or will they be made to stand at the end of the line waiting for one in, one out?

Texas Longhorns – "Wanna Be Starting Something"
This is pretty self explanatory.

Texas A&M Aggies – "Beat It"
You probably get this one also.

Texas Tech Red Raiders – "Bad"
OK, I know this is rude, but how Tech doesn't finish at the bottom of the Big 12 standings this year is beyond me.