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Nebraska Media Member Forgot Huskers Moved to Big 10?

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A Nebraska media member had an embarrassing moment at the Big 10 media days...
A Nebraska media member had an embarrassing moment at the Big 10 media days...

Well not really... But Ed Littler of News 5 in Nebraska did forget general media practice when he asked Iowa Hawkeyes coach Kirk Ferentz for an autograph last week at Big 10 media days. While there's no official "rule" about media members for autographs, the media is supposed to be impartial and generally professional. 

Hawkeye Nation posted the transcript from Ferentz's interview, but I've highlighted the juicy part: 

Q: (Nebraska media member) Coach, I have this girlfriend who is a major Iowa fan...I was wondering if you could sign this for me to her, I would gain some huge points...

Ferentz: I am guessing you could use some points too, is that right? All of us could.

Q: If you knew her you would be proud.

Ferentz: So you are dating an Iowa fan?

Q: Not yet, but it's moving in that direction. Her code name is the Iowa Hawkeye, I call her that.

Ferentz: Oh, so you can use some help (then there was a two minute exchange of this guy having Kirk sign a license was comical, yet awkward at the same time, and Kirk didn't flinch and signed it for him to his ‘prospective' Hawkeye girlfriend.)

Q: Thanks coach

I know media days are generally tedious bouts of repetitious obvious questions, but come on. It's not even at the end of the interview!

Deadspin got a response from Littler after publishing an article about the exchange that essentially clarified that he would never ask for an autograph for himself and hadn't ever met Ferentz before. Littler also had this to say: "I really didn't think anyone would tape record the conversation, but with cameras on every cell phone these days, I guess I shouldn't be surprised." Really, you didn't think the dozens of reporters present wouldn't be recording a question you asked in the middle of the interview?!

Well, hopefully Littler at least scored a few points with the potential girlfriend.

(h/t: Hawkeye Nation and Deadspin)