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Big 12 Football Writers Wanted, Apply Within

In the upcoming month, Big 12 Hoops is going to move from solely covering Big 12 basketball, to covering all conference sports. To help us on the new voyage, we are first looking for writers to help with the football side of the house.

If you are a passionate fan of Big 12 football or a specific school in the Big 12, send an email to me, Evan Pfaff. Include any articles, clippings, in-depth comments or anything else you may have and let me know which school your allegiance lies with -- if there's one in particular. If you don't have clippings, maybe write a feature on a school in the conference or on the conference as a whole.  (I will most likely publish the entries, so contact me first to make sure someone else hasn't already submitted your idea).

The goal of the new site will be to get the same in-depth coverage of the gridiron side of the conference as we have been giving you on the hardwood side for the past four seasons.

If you are reading this but not interested, but know somebody who might want to "tackle" (see, I'm getting it!) the task, send them my way.

... and for those wondering, we will be changing the name of the site. More information on that as everything is solidified.