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Is Missouri joining Texas A&M in deserting the Big 12 conference?

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Well for everyone who was tired of hearing about conference realignment turn off your radios, television sets, computers, cell phones and any other device that can retrieve information because UNFORTUNATELY it's back with a vengeance.

The tweets were/are flying fast and furious today with not just the expected news of Texas A&M being the latest traitor to the Big 12 conference but with the Missouri Tigers maybe jumping ship to the SEC as well. The possible departure of Missouri was first reported by ESPN's Doug Gottlieb via his twitter account @GottliebShow. Per an Texas A&M source, Missouri along with Clemson & Florida State would join the Aggies in a move to the Southeastern Conference.

Naturally after a statement like that gets made the next thing to expect to see is a denial and Missouri's athletic director Mike Alden followed suit saying that the Tigers have had no discussion in leaving the Big 12 conference.

There will supposedly be a conference call today with Big 12 athletic directors and Dan Beebe at 3:00 PM central time to discuss the departure of Texas A&M and the future of the conference.

So where does this leave each school in the Big 12? At this point in time there are so many different reports coming out that it's hard to make heads or tails of anything. The best thing to do is just set back and see where the chips will fall.

The only real thing that we pretty much know at this point in time is Texas A&M appears to be jealous of Texas and instead of staying and trying to beat them on the playing field they would rather run away much the same way Nebraska did.