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Big 12 Conference Dissolution – Where Each Team Would Go

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With confirmation by Texas governor Rick Perry that the Texas A&M Aggies are exploring the possibility of moving to the SEC, it is once again time to look at the ripple effect of what a move like that would have.

If the Aggies do move on, that will leave nine schools left in the less-than-aptly named Big 12, basically signaling the end of the conference.  Maybe not this year, maybe it will be a slow death, but if the Aggies move on the conference is doomed.

So after The Jump, my best guess on where current Big 12 schools will head if (when) the Big 12 dissolves.

Texas A&M Aggies, SEC: In-state recruits would love this move. They would be able to stay at home and play in the SEC. Win for A&M, perceived win for in-state athletes.

Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma St. Cowboys, SEC: I see the SEC as the first true "Super Conference" as we've been envisioning, with 16 teams. The Oklahoma schools would join with A&M and the Clemson Tigers to round out the 16.

Texas Longhorns, Independent: With the Longhorn Network and their national reputation, UT doesn't need no stinkin' conference.

Baylor Bears, Texas Tech Red Raiders, Pac-12: I'm more convinced of Tech's move than Baylor's, but seeing how Baylor appears to be protected by Texas state government, I feel they need to piggyback on someone and the Pac-12 is more likely than the SEC. plus this gets the Pac-12 into Texas and bumps the Pac-12 to 14, moving them precariously close to the magic 16 Super Conference number.

Kansas Jayhawks, Missouri Tigers, Big 10: Mizzou fans, administration and government have not hid their desire to join the Big 10. I think KU would be a good pick up for the conference also, despite a poor football team.

Iowa St. Cyclones, Kansas St. Wildcats, Mountain West: ISU and K-State are the biggest losers in Big 12 conference dissolution. They are really schools without a home.  Their athletic revenues don't warrant being pursued by the other BCS Power Conference (ahem, Big 10), and the MWC needs more schools with TCU and BYU jumping ship.

OK, so in the pursuit of 16-team Super Conferences, what I have outlined here would bring the SEC to the needed 16 schools, Pac-12 to 14, and Big 10 to 14. I feel like the ACC would be the next to be raided to square away the Big 10, leaving the Pac-12 in search of two more schools.  The Big East would essentially remain untouched.