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Wait! A Big 12 FOOTBALL Preview?

As the name "Big 12 Hoops" suggests, this is a basketball blog.

And while I spend most of the day thinking and writing about round ball, having been born and raised in Columbus, Ohio I also have a passion for college football. In fact I would be written out of the will if I didn't watch the hometown team on Saturday afternoons, and call home to discuss the action on the gridiron after each game.

With the college football season about to kick off, I am as stoked as anyone. And while admittedly I watch a little more football from Nebraska's new conference than their old one, I still follow Big 12 football pretty closely and am thinking that the national champion will come out of our beloved conference.

So without further ado, here is my halfhearted attempt to handicap the Big 12 football season - with commentary when needed. I beg of you that if you laugh at any of my predictions, to please come back to read about conference hoops, which I promise should be more insightful than their football brethren.

1. Oklahoma Sooners
Landry Jones and company should romp their way to the BCS Championship game.

2. Texas A&M Aggies

3. Missouri Tigers
New QB, but that system seems to produce top talent.

4. Oklahoma St. Cowboys
I love me some Justin Blackmon.

5. Texas Tech Red Raiders

6. Baylor Bears
RG3 will carry the Bears to at least two victories they wouldn't have otherwise won.

7. Texas Longhorns
Still not sold on the Horns.

8. Kansas St. Wildcats

9. Iowa St. Cyclones

10. Kansas Jayhawks
Bring Back Mangino!