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Rise And Fire - Morning Link Dump for 7/8/2011

Knowing the Truth Is Out There, we enter The Twilight Zone wondering if there really were aliens captured in Roswell, New Mexico on this date in 1947 and scour the web to find interesting information on each Big 12 basketball team.
Check these links, then come back each day for updated information. If you have any links of interest, post them in the comments section or send them to me for inclusion tomorrow.

Clone Chronicles - 2011 ISU Hall of Fame Inductees Announced
Tim Floyd on the list of five.

MISSOURI TIGERS - Haith Took First 100 Days Personal

BC Interuption - The Twelve Pack Conference Draft Profile: Texas Longhorns

Grantland (Chris Suellentrop) - Expand Ad Hard Times in the Paris of the Plains (Kansas City)

The only thing preventing Kansas City from being the perfect college basketball town is the ineptitude of the Missouri Tigers. You could create a montage of great sports moments, all of them with Missouri on the losing side: Tyus Edney going coast-to-coast in 4.8 seconds, keeping UCLA's national championship run alive; Colorado scoring on a fifth down in 1990, keeping the Buffaloes' national championship run alive; a Nebraska receiver kicking the ball into the air in the end zone, leading to a touchdown that, yes, kept the Cornhukers' national championship run alive. The Missouri Tigers are the Washington Generals of ESPN Classic.

Ridiculous Upside - Cleveland Cavaliers Buy D-League Team From New Mexico, Move It To Canton
CBS Sports - Reports: Deron Williams headed to Turkey
You know, there's always been talk of NBA players heading overseas to reap huge contracts (see Linas Kleiza), but I think people were just too comfortable stateside to do anything. But with the NBA lockout threatening to take away at least a portion of the season, i wouldn't be surprised if more ballers didn't opt for Europe. If LeBron, Wade and Bosh could team up in Miami, what's stopping a handful of potential free agents from going over to the same team in, say, Turkey and dominating for a year before returning here.

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