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Ekpe Udoh Thickens Ties Between Salinas and Big 12

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Sports Illustrated's Pablo Torre published the next chapter in the Salinas story. The list of clients is up to 21, and apparently it's much longer (though many of the unnamed clients are not involved in the Ponzi scheme being investigated). The most interesting new addition is Golden State's Ekpe Udoh, who was drafted last year from Baylor. 

Udoh's investment is valued at $350,000. Presumably, he made the investment in the past year (I don't know many college students with six figures to drop with a relative strangers, but you never know). Udoh probably learned about Salinas through his coach, Scott Drew. 

All in all, there is $55,000,000 in bonds missing. This is also the first time that anyone has mentioned the exact investments coaches were making: bonds. Any broker could've bought bonds (hat tip to Basketball Prospectus' John Gasaway for noticing that bonds were at the crux of the scam). The question now is, did Salinas ever buy the bonds at all.

On a different note,'s Jeff Goodman published more NCAA-relevant news regarding Salinas yesterday morning. Apparently, Salinas had taken a backseat with his AAU program, Houston Select over the last few years. So much in fact that current and recent parents and players "wouldn't know him if he walked in the gym". This should relieve some of the stress from coaches who had money invested and were worried about NCAA violations, though I'd be surprised if the NCAA didn't find some sort of violation in this case.