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Newsflash: Josh Selby is still good

So remember how Josh Selby was a consensus top three recruit out of high school but saw his stock plummet after a lackluster season with Kansas?

I'd say the Grizzlies did pretty well with the 49th pick of the draft based on these highlights from "Melo League" in Baltimore (Selby's hometown).

Clearly, we don't want to take too much from a summer league game with very little of what some like to call "defense", but this still looks a lot like the Selby many Jayhawk fans were expecting to show up in Lawrence this season. Selby thrives as the alpha-dog; the question is will he ever get the chance to play as the number one option in NBA.

Selby averaged 20 minutes and eight points a game for Kansas during his freshman season. His playing time was inconsistent due to an early suspension and multiple injuries.

More Selby highlights after the jump.