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Investigating Salinas: Follows the Money

Sports Illustrated's Pablo Torre fleshed out Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman's initial report on the dead Houston AAU backer and investor, David Salinas, yesterday. In addition to adding two coaches to the original nine listed by, Torre puts dollars by everyones names. Here's a table summarizing the new findings.

1 Degree of Separation with David Salinas
Name Team Amount
Lute Olsen retired (Arizona Wildcats) $1,170,000
Billy Gillispie Texas Tech Red Raiders $2,300,000
Scott Drew Baylor Bears $621,000
Mark Few Gonzaga Bulldogs $353,000
Scott Thompson retired $65,000
Doc Sadler Nebraska Cornhuskers $38,000
Willis Wilson Texas A&M-CC Islanders $642,000
Ray Giacoletti Gonzaga Bulldogs (asst.) $1,200,000
Danny Nee USMM Academy Mariners $23,000
Grey Giovanine Augustana College Vikings $533,000
Pat Foster Houston Cougars unknown
Total >$7,800,000

This is a huge deal. Accounting for non-basketball related investors, the total amount of money on the line here is "several tens of millions of dollars" according to Torre. 

BallinIsAHabit's Rob Dauster did some legwork and found that at least nine of the eleven coaches had recruits who were at one time in Salinas' AAU program. While's Andy Katz says the NCAA has no interest in investigating this situation, confirmed that the NCAA is investigating (even if it's only "looking into" the situation for now).

The Houston Chronicle and The Daily's Dan Wolken independently confirmed stories that at least two coaches were explicitly told that investing with Salinas would have players steered towards their respective schools.

To state the obvious: that's a major NCAA infraction. Now, the money is outrageously high for a fairly paltry number of recruits at this point, but I get the feeling we're only scratching the surface of this story.

Tomorrow, I'll have a look at how this could affect the Big 12 coaches implicated.