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NBA Draft Picks: Cory Joseph Drafted No. 29 By San Antonio Spurs

With the 29th pick, Texas Longhorns guard Cory Joseph has been drafted by the San Antonio Spurs.

Here's a classic example of a guy getting hyped by magazines and websites coming out of high school, who bought into the hype.

Joseph might become an NBA player one day, but what I saw on the court this past Big 12 season didn't show me anything to make me think he was anywhere ready.

If fellow Canadian/high school teammate/college teammate Tristan Thompson needed another year in school (like I think he did), then Joseph needed two or three.

Final stats for Joseph's lone year in Austin were 10.4 points per game (fifth on the team). Though he did lead the squad in assists per game with 3.0, Joseph simply didn't look like a guy ready for the next level.

But NBA GMs love potential, and Joseph has a lot of that so I guess this will be another one we'll just have to wait and see on.