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NBA Draft Picks: Alec Burks Drafted No. 12 By Utah Jazz

With the 12th pick, Colorado Buffaloes guard Alec Burks has been drafted by the Utah Jazz.

Best Case Scenario: Burks becomes Arron Afflalo.
Worst Case Scenario: Burks doesn't develop his shot and becomes an NBA journeyman.

Burks had a lot going for him this season. Not only was he arguably the most athletic guard in the Big 12, but at 6-6 he towered over most other guards in the league. So he was virtually unstoppable. Burks could either use his natural ability and drive past his defender, or use his height to shoot over them. Either way, the defense was at a distinct disadvantage.

Well, Burks won't be the tallest or quickest on the court next season. SO in order to make a name for himself, Burks will need to develop an outside shot that will keep the D honest. This is what Afflalo did, and now he is a go-to guy in the league.

If Burks can spend the next year or two working on the shot, then he can put defenders on their toes and use that ability when needed, or hit the long J if they are on their heels.

Burks is a work in progress, but I have faith he will eventually be a major contributor to an NBA franchise.