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NBA Draft Picks: Jordan Hamilton Drafted No. 26 By Dallas Mavericks, Traded To Denver Nuggets

With the 26th pick, Texas Longhorns forward Jordan Hamilton has been drafted by the Dallas Mavericks then subsequently traded to the Denver Nuggets.

While I thought Tristan Thompson left a year too early, I think Jordan Hamilton couldn't have gotten his stock higher.

Leading the Big 12 in scoring for most of the season (and my Big 12 Player of the Year) Hamilton led the Longhorns in scoring, and placed fourth overall in conference in the category.

If there was one knock on Hamilton it is that a few who watched a lot of Big 12 basketball (ahem...) felt that a lot of Hamilton's points came during garbage time, when the game was out of reach and the points were there simply to raise averages. While this might be perception over truth, Hamilton will need to work on his shooting, draining only 44% of his shots, which put him 31st in the conference.

Hamilton has the requisite size to be an NBA player, and if he can improve that accuracy there isn't a reason he can't come off the bench as a three point specialist.