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Kevin Durant,The Most 'Fortunate' Big 12 basketball Alumni; Paul Pierce Also Makes List

Sports Illustrated came out with their list of the Fortunate 50, the top 50 paid U.S. athletes, and Big 12 alumni Kevin Durant and Paul Pierce each made the list.

Former Texas Longhorn Durant comes in as the 31st highest paid athlete, grossing a reported $20,053,663 this past year. That is based off a salary of $6,053,663 from the Oklahoma City Thunder and endorsement deals worth $14M.

Pierce, the 27th ranked Fortunate 50 last season, sneaks onto the list this year at 49 with total earnings of $15,676,321. The former Kansas Jayhawks' income stemmed from a contract with Boston Celtics valued at $13,876,321 and $1.8M in endorsements.

The top five on the list are: Tiger Woods ($62M), Phil Mickelson ($61M), LeBron James ($44.5M), Peyton Manning ($38M) and Alex Rodriguez ($36M).

Of the 50, 19 are NBA players, 17 baseball players, eight NFL players, three NASCAR drivers and three golfers.

Trust me when I say that I wouldn't mind being any of the 50 on the list, or any subsequent list thereafter...