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Big 12 NBA Draft History: With the 11th Overall Pick...

Best Big 12 Player Drafted #11: Acie Law, Texas A&M Aggies, by the Atlanta Hawks in 2007.
Law hasn't been the prolific scorer in the NBA that we saw in college.  During his time in College Station, Law averaged 13.7 points per game, culminating with a senior season where he poured in 18.1 ppg. Scoring hasn't come as easy in the Association, though, where he nets just 3.9 ppg, while suiting up for five teams in four years.

Other Notable Big 12 Players Drafted 11th: Cole Aldrich, Kansas Jayhawks, by the New Orleans Hornets in 2010.

Best Non-Big 12 Player Drafted 11th: J.J. Redick, Duke Blue Devils, by the Orlando Magic in 2006.
I wasn't sold on Reddick coming out of Duke - kind of like I'm not sold on Jimmer Fredette this season - simply because in Reddick I saw a great collegiate scorer, but one without the athleticism I thought necessary to score in the NBA. While he hasn't lit the nets a'fire as a pro, his 10.1 points per game average this season was probably 10.1 more points per game than I ever thought he'd score in the NBA.I think what really happened, is that the Magic started utilizing his skills, especially after traing Rashard Lewis away.

In preparation for the 2011 NBA Draft, each day until June 23 we'll count down the best Big 12 player drafted with each pick. This list only takes into account players who played in the Big 12, so it starts with the 1997 draft. In total 70 Big 12 alumni have been selected, filling 43 of the 60 possible slots.

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