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Is Mark Turgeon leaving Texas A&M for the ACC?

UPDATE: Just after posting this story word has come down that Turgeon has indeed accepted the Maryland job.

Well you almost knew that someday someone would come calling for Texas A&M head coach Mark Turgeon but you just couldn't be certain who it would be. It was obvious that if Turgeon's alma mater, Kansas, ever rang his phone that he would be out of College Station but the latest rumor is somewhat of a surprise.

According to a report the University of Maryland has reached out and is trying to hire Turgeon as their next mens head basketball coach. Maryland has gone so far as supposedly offering a contract to Turgeon.

The possible hire of Turgeon follows an abrupt retirement from the long time Terrapins coach Gary Williams. In recent seasons Williams has come under criticism for failing to land some of the top players in the fertile recruiting areas in Maryland where such players like Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley & Carmelo Anthony have all come from.

Reports have stated that Turgeon was not the Terrapins first choice as Maryland has been supposedly rebuffed by Arizona head coach Sean Miller along with Butler's Brad Stevens and Notre Dame's Mike Brey.

While he may not be the first choice Turgeon would most certainly be a great hire this late in the game. All Turgeon does is win wherever he goes and he should not feel intimated in the least going up against Duke and North Carolina each year as he already has had to go through the rigorous Big 12 on a yearly basis.

On the flip side this is terrible news for Texas A&M who would now be forced to themselves look for a suitable replacement. One bright spot though is the A&M job is quite attractive with the Aggies having gone to multiple NCAA Tournaments in a row along with a probable Top 25 team next season.

As a fan of any program you always hope other schools are trying to hire your coach away from you since that means he is doing something right. The bad part is when that coach actually accepts the offer and goes out the door.

A much more in depth look at how this will affect A&M will come if and when Turgeon does accept the offer and when A&M selects their next head coach.