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Nebraska Cornhuskers & Colorado Buffaloes Final Combined Records In the Big 12 Conference

Nebraska hopes to do much better in the Big 10 than they did in the Big 12.
Nebraska hopes to do much better in the Big 10 than they did in the Big 12.

With Nebraska and Colorado both now done competing in the Big 12 lets take a look back and see what their records were against each opponent during their time in the conference (1997-2011). These records include all games played against the opponent whether it was in the regular season or in the Big 12 Tournament or even the NCAA Tournament. And yes I know you are probably wondering but Nebraska did make the NCAA Tournament once while in the Big 12, it was 1998 when they lost in the first round keeping up their streak of not ever winning an NCAA Tournament game.



vs Baylor                                9-9                  

vs Colorado                            17-14

vs Iowa State                          12-18

vs Kansas                              3-31

vs K-State                              12-19

vs Missouri                             14-22

vs Oklahoma                           7-10

vs Oklahoma State                  7-10

vs Texas                                 4-11

vs Texas A&M                         9-7

vs Texas Tech                         9-7

FINAL RECORD                  103-158



vs Baylor                               11-7                                                    

vs Nebraska                           14-17                          

vs Iowa State                          16-16                          

vs Kansas                              1-31                

vs K-State                              17-16                          

vs Missouri                             10-20                          

vs Oklahoma                           5-13    

vs Oklahoma State                  7-9      

vs Texas                                 6-13                

vs Texas A&M                         8-9      

vs Texas Tech                         9-9

FINAL RECORD                  104-160          


The combined record of these two schools against conference opponents comes out to be 207-318.  So which school will miss having these two juggernauts on their schedule the most every year? Well judging by the records it has to be the Kansas Jayhawks who have ran up a staggering combined record against the two schools of 4-62.

Below are the combined records of the two schools against their former Big 12 brethren.

vs Baylor                                 20-16                                                                          

vs Texas A&M                         17-16

vs Iowa State                           28-34                                                                                      

vs Texas Tech                         18-16

vs K-State                               29-35

vs Missouri                              24-32              

vs Oklahoma                           12-23

vs Oklahoma State                  14-19

vs Texas                                 10-24