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Big 12 NBA Draft History: With the 29th Overall Pick...

***NOTE: No Big 12 player has gone 31st or 30th overall***

Best Big 12 Player Drafted #29: David Harrison, Colorado Buffaloes, by the Indiana Pacers in 2004.
Looking objectively, Harrison had a far better pro career than Wayne Simien, the other 29th pick in Big 12 history. His career numbers are virtually double those of Simien, while only averaging 5 points and 2.9 rebounds per game over a four-year NBA career. Yet, my hesitation in selecting him as the "Best Big 12 Player Drafted #29" is his participation in the brawl at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Not really something we should be proud of as Big 12 fans... but at the end of the day, the numbers spoke and Harrison was tapped.

Other Notable Big 12 Players Drafted 29th: Wayne Simien, Kansas Jayhawks, by the Miami Heat in 205.

Best Non-Big 12 Player Drafted 29th: Mark Madsen, Stanford Cardinal, by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000.

In preparation for the 2011 NBA Draft, each day until June 23 we'll count down the best Big 12 player drafted with each pick. This list only takes into account players who played in the Big 12, so it starts with the 1997 draft. In total 70 Big 12 alumni have been selected, filling 43 of the 60 possible slots.

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