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Big 12 NBA Draft History: With the 42nd Overall Pick...

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***NOTE: No Big 12 player has gone 44th or 43rd overall***

Best Big 12 Player Drafted #42: Daniel Gibson, Texas Longhorns, by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2006.
Give a man a chance to play and see what he can do. With LeBron James heading South, "Boobie" was given more regins this season, and the result were career highs in points (11.6), rebounds (2.6) and assists (3.0) per game .

Other Notable Big 12 Players Drafted 42nd: Eric Chenowith, Kansas Jayhawks, by the New York Knicks in 2001.

Best Non-Big 12 Player Drafted 42nd: Zaza Pachulia, Ülkerspor (Turkey), by the Orlando Magic in 2003.
What an underwhelming draft spot. In fact, I'm not sure if there are enough guys even riding the pine to build a house, much less an actual basketball squad.

In preparation for the 2011 NBA Draft, each day until June 23 we'll count down the best Big 12 player drafted with each pick. This list only takes into account players who played in the Big 12, so it starts with the 1997 draft. In total 70 Big 12 alumni have been selected, filling 43 of the 60 possible slots.

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