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Report: Tristan Thompson, Jordan Hamilton To Declare For NBA Draft

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The day after I post that Tristan Thompson and Jordan Hamilton will be Texas Longhorns next season - based on comments from the two players - Barking Carnival is now reporting that both the swingman and power forward will declare for the draft. 

According to Barking Carnival's unnamed sources, the two players are virtually out the door. To quote the article's unnamed source

"If Jordan is 100% gone then Tristan is 97% out the door as well. When you're a top 15 prospect you have to go."

This leaves Texas in a lurch. Austinites were doing backflips when it was first reported that the two would remain on campus, but with this latest development, the Horns are taken from a national champion contender to good, but not great Big 12 squad.

To me it makes sense for the two to go. In my opinion Hamilton was the big 12 Player of the Year this season, and while his shooting percentage is something to be questioned, as well as his slump towards the end of the season, his stock might never be higher.  Take the money and run, Jordan.

As for Tristan. He was the conference's rookie of the year.  His decision I question a little more, not because his stock isn't high, but because he played big man for Texas this year, and will be a PF in the NBA.  I feel he needs another year under his belt in the PF position to fully round out his skill set.

But again, if you can almost be assured of top dollar, take it.