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Baylor Bears 2010-11 Season Recap

2010-11 Record: 18-13

Big 12 Conference Record (Standing): 7-9 (tied for 7th)

Our Preseason Predictions:

Joe: 3rd in the Big 12

Evan: 4th in the Big 12

Matt: 3rd in the Big 12

Season MVP: LaceDarius Dunn (Senior)

While Dunn might not have been Baylor's most athletic or talented player, he was decidedly its most important player.  Dunn led the Bears in scoring, averaging 19.5 points a game.  In Baylor's last regular game of the season--and the last regular season game of the year--Dunn became the all time leader in Big 12 scoring finishing with 2,285 points in his career.  Dunn did not have quite as efficient season when compared to last year.

Season Recap: In a word: disappointing. 

As you can see from our loft preseason rankings, the Bears had a lot to live up to coming into the season.  They were coming off a great season (not getting blown out once), culminating in an Elite Eight run before falling to eventual National Champion Duke.  Unfortunately, losing Ekpe Udoh and Tweety Carter proved more important than many (including yours truly) anticipated.  While Perry Jones III was very good (especially for a freshman), the highly touted frosh never quite felt like the game-changer he was advertised to be.  Jones lacked that killer instinct to take over games at will (though he showed flashes of brilliance).  Probably the biggest disappointment for the Bears was their lack of defense.  Udoh's brilliant shot-blocking and rebounding hid a hole that even Baylor's length couldn't disguise this year.  The season started with seven straight cupcakes before Baylor got into the meat of it's schedule and started losing (it went 11-13 the rest of the way), though the beginning of the year was marred by a domestic violence charge against LaceDarius Dunn.  The season was capped by another downer, as Perry Jones III watched from the sidelines for accepting improper benefits.

2011-2012 Outlook: Mixed. 

The Bears are going to be talented next year, despite losing LaceDarius Dunn and (probably) Perry Jones III thanks to another terrific recruiting class out of Scott Drew.  Future frosh backcourt sensations Deuce Bello and Quincy Miller join the squad next year, but talent doesn't guarantee an NCAA bid (proved by this season).  Scott Drew is going to have to find a way to get these players motivated, especially on defense.  However, a porous defense may not be the primary cause for concern in Waco these days.  Far more importantly, the NCAA is sniffing around the program (again).  Scott Drew's recruiting classes the past couple of years have been looking a little too good to be true.  I'm not going to call him a cheater, but there are definitely a lot of red flags surrounding the program right now.  I expect we'll hear a lot more about the investigation this summer (though you never know with the NCAA), so I won't dwell on it.  I think next year's team has some major flaws unless it can manufacture leadership, or turn AJ Walton into a significantly better point guard over the summer (it could happen).  Regardless, keep an eye on the Bears because they should be one of the more interesting teams to watch come college basketball season (assuming Scott Drew chooses to schedule Division I teams).

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