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Frank Haith To Missouri Could Start Big 12 Basketball Dominoes

Could the Missouri Tigers' hiring of Frank Haith start the Big 12 coaching dominoes to fall?

Speculation for some time has been circulating around South Beach that the Miami Hurricanes were looking to offload Haith in order to bring home a native son... Kansas St. Wildcats head coach Frank Martin.

Martin is a native of Miami and spent his first 14 years in coaching at Miami area high schools, moving from an assistant at Miami high School for eight years to the head man at North Miami High School for two years back to Miami HS for three years, to a year at Booker T Washington HS in Miami.

Like Mike Anderson heading back to Arkansas, this would be another example of a coach following his heart and roots, rather than trying to begin a new life in another part of the country. If schools don't want to go through a hiring process every five or so years, they need to start using a proximity radar as the first criteria for application into a head coaching position.

With the amount of work, money and time it takes to hire a new coach, having an AD out looking for a replacement every few years is just not the most effective use of University - and for those applicable, taxpayer - dollars.

If Martin leaves, K-State needs to look inward - as I detailed here - for their next coach.  Too bad for Wildcat fans that Lon Kruger just upped with Oklahoma.