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Big 12 Basketball Attendance by Percentage of Capacity

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Based on the suggestion of commenter Miguel Mejia in yesterday's College Basketball Attendance: Big 12 Ranked Fourth In Fans Per Game post, I calculated attendance based on percentage of capacity. I got my capacity number from Wikipedia, so while they are probably close to accurate, you can make your own assumptions based on your like or dislike of Wikipedia.

The first surprising number that popped out when we looked at total attendance was that the 16-17 Iowa St. Cyclones were fourth in the conference in attendance. Well, looking at capacity percentage, the Clones actually move up a spot to third. Maybe it was The Mayor returning, maybe it was their hot 13-2 start, but whatever the reason, Clone fans came out in droves to see their teams.

The other interesting thing that pops out is that both Kansas schools averaged over 100% attendance, with K-State selling out 100.99% of their capacity and KU coming in just behind with 100.83%.

As for the rest of the list:

Kansas St 12,652 12,528 100.99% Third
Kansas 16,436 16,300 100.83% First
Iowa State
12,110 14,356 84.35% Fourth
Texas 13,669 16,400 83.35% Second
Ok State 10,447 13,611 76.75% Sixth
Oklahoma 8,563 11,528 74.28% Ninth
Mizzou 11,112 15,061 73.78% Fifth
Texas A&M 9,000 12989 69.29% Eighth
Nebraska 9,395 13,595 69.11% Seventh
Baylor 6,994 10,347 67.59% Twelfth
Colorado 7,014 11,064 63.39% Eleventh
Texas Tech 8,513 15,020 56.68% Tenth