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Wait, what? Cory Joseph To Enter 2011 NBA Draft

Texas Longhorns freshman Cory Joseph is reportedly declaring for the NBA Draft, according to the Toronto Sun. Joseph's decision comes on the heels of  fellow Canadian -- and longtime teammate -- Tristan Thompson's similar choice.

Joseph's declaration is so far out of left field, both because nobody saw it coming and because nobody feels like it's the right decision, that neither draft websites or Draft Express have Joseph going in either of the two rounds of the 2011 NBA Draft. (Draft Express does list him as a 2012 second round selection).

It could -- and hopefully is -- just a ploy for NBA teams to provide insight into what Joseph needs to improve upon when he actually does make the leap to the next level.

As long as they don't sign with an agent, Joseph will likely join Missouri Tigers Kim English and Laurence Bowers in removing their names from consideration and returning to school next season. Players who have not signed with an agent have until May 8 to retract their decisions and return to school.