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Big 12 Tournament First Round: Point Spreads & Predictions

Well just because it's no longer the regular season does not mean they quit putting point spreads on games. The tournament opens up tomorrow in Kansas City so let's take a look at the lines that Vegas has set for these contests. My regular season results which I placed below FAR exceeded my previous gambling results. I started out keeping track of my record against spread since I assumed it would not be pretty and might be semi-funny to see each week.


Game Spreads and Predictions Below

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers - The Cornhuskers are a slight favorite at 1.5 points.

MY PREDICTION: Going to have go with Nebraska to win this game outright and cover the tiny spread associated with it. Just think that the Cornhuskers are playing better basketball than Oklahoma State at moment and they have more reason to get motivated for this game.

Iowa State Cyclones vs Colorado Buffaloes - Buffs are only a 4.5 point favorite over the #12 seed.

MY PREDICTION: A part of me questions why this spread is as low as it is. Yes I know Iowa State has been playing better basketball as of late but Colorado is playing for the NCAA Tournament and will have the best player on the court in Alec Burks. While not overly confident with this pick going to go with CU to win the game and cover the spread.

Oklahoma Sooners vs Baylor Bears - The Bears enter as an 8.5 point favorite.


MY PREDICTION: First off I want to say that Baylor is pretty much an unbettable team since you never have any clue which team will show up. That being said I do think that Baylor is going to win this game but I think it might be close as OU might show up and hit some shots. Going to pick Baylor to win the game but not cover this spread.

Texas Tech Red Raiders vs Missouri Tigers - Biggest spread of day as Tigers are a 12 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: With the news of Pat Knight being let go but being allowed to coach this game kind of throws a wrench into picking this game. Yes Tech has not been good this year under Knight but who knows how the team will respond. The Red Raiders have a lot of seniors on their team, do they come out and play as hard as they can  or do they try to end the season as quickly as possible? On the Missouri side they have lost 3 straight games coming into tournament and bubble talk is being mentioned so how do they respond to the pressure. Going to have to pick Missouri to play well in front of a virtual home court and beat Texas Tech and cover this spread.