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Matt Painter Staying At Purdue

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After days of growing optimism amongst Missouri Tiger fans, Purdue head basketball coach Matt Painter has repotedly turned down an offer to coach Mizzou, according to ESPN's Andy Katz.

Media reports from both sides of the state of Missouri were reporting that the deal to bring Painter from West Lafayette to Columbia was all but done, as message boards across Mizzou nation were tracking plane flights, supposedly carrying Painter and his family from their vacation in Florida to Columbia in order to be announced as the successor to Mike Anderson.

Gary Parish of CBS Sports is reporting that Painter leveraged the Mizzou offer to secure a new extended contract at his Alma mater.

The whole deal never really made sense for Painter to leave Purdue. That is where he played college hoops, where he was Associate Head Coach and where he has been Head Coach for the past six seasons.

No official word from either the Mizzou or Purdue camps, but Big 12 fans can almost be assured that Columbia will not be "Paint"ed black and gold (eh? eh?). No word yet on Mizzou's next target.

3:36 p.m. CT UPDATE: Official release from Purdue, Painter Agree To New Eight-Year Contract