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Sweet 16 Open Thread: Kansas Looks To Keep Big 12 In Tourney

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The Big 12 feels it got shafted by the NCAA selection committee, but they way they exited in the first weekend of the 2011 NCAA Tournament, the committee might be justified in their seedings.

With Missouri and Texas A&M losing in the first round, and K-State and Texas exiting in the second round, the Big 12 hope rest squarely upon the shoulders of the lone remaining wolf, the Kansas Jayhawks.

Tonight KU takes on the Richmond Spiders in a game that will decide one of the Elite Eight participants. Though KU is heavily favored, the game should be a fun one to watch. With Marcus Morris and his twin Markieff Morris banging down low with Richmond's Justin Harper, there should be lots to take in.

So as you're taking in the game, stop by and tell us what you think of either this game, or any of the other games going on today.

Kansas Jayhawks vs. Richmond Spiders
6:27 p.m. CT