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Missouri’s Next Basketball Coach Should Be Jon Sundvold

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So what is my solution to the Mike Anderson Dilemma for the Missouri Tigers?

Simple. Hire Jon Sundvold. It makes too much sense not to.

Home Grown? Check. Sundvold grew up on the Missouri side of Kansas City.

Almnus? Check. During Sundvold's four year Missouri Tiger career, he won four Big 8 titles.

Local? Check. Sundvold still resides in Columbia and can be heard doing Tiger broadcasts on the Missouri Sports Network. His son will be a freshman on the Mizzou golf team next year.

For as much as Fred Hoiberg is the perfect fit in Ames, Sundvold is the perfect fit in Columbia.

Not only does Sundvold have Tiger blood (not too sure about Adonis DNA) but he was one of the best players to come through the Mizzou system. He left the university as an All-American in 1983 and played for eight seasons in the NBA, making connections along the way in every facet of the basketball world.

The fact that he has zero coaching experience will be an issue, but, like Hoiberg, that can be overcome. And with six seniors on next year's Mizzou squad the learning curve won't be as steep.

In the end, his love for the program, the state and the game of basketball could overcome and Mizzou would be in a better place down the road.