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The Mike Anderson Dilemma: Hiring Outside Of Your Family

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Here's the thing, as much as Mike Anderson says he is a Missouri Tiger, he isn't.

Black and gold might flow through his veins today, but after the third off-season in a row where Anderson is contemplating/leveraging offers from other schools, you have to understand that this situation is not permanent.

What the Missouri Tigers need, what every college needs, is a homegrown hero to lead their schools. Someone who wouldn't dare entertain the thought of leaving, even for all the riches in the world.

Mizzou has had it. Norm Stewart grew up in Missouri, went to Mizzou and then roamed the sidelines for 32 years. He wasn't going anywhere, and everyone, from Mizzou fans to outside Athletic Directors knew it.

Think about it, if you are making a lateral move, you would never give up your lifelong dream of coaching your local university or Alma mater for a few more pennies.

And Mizzou to Arkansas is a lateral move. The only reason Coach Anderson is even considering it is because of the fond memories he had on the sidelines during his 17-year stint as Nolan Richardson's assistant in Fayetteville. He never really wanted to go to Oregon. He never really wanted to go Georgia. He was waiting for the Arkansas job to open at the right time, and strike while the iron is hot. UGA and U of O were negotiating ploys. This is not.

Take a look around the Big 12 for a few seconds. Fred Hoiberg is the mayor of Ames. This is his dream job. There isn't a place he'd rather be coaching. And while he took over a program on the decline, once he rebuilds the Hilton Magic, he's staying put. He's not going anywhere. Fact.

Tad Boyle grew up in Greely, Colorado - an hour outside Boulder -, and while he didn't attend CU, he is a Colorado native coaching in his home state. Before this job he was at Northern Colorado, and while he might have visions of coaching Kansas, that is probably the only place he'd pack his family up and move to... and, let's be honest, CU to KU is a move up in the college coaching ranks.

Speaking of KU, look what it took to lure one of their coaches away. Roy Williams was coaching a perennial national championship caliber team, but when his home state university, and Alma mater, called, he left Lawrence.

There are obviously counter-examples to this argument. Rick Barnes is ingrained in the Texas culture and isn't going anywhere. It can happen - Coach K didn't attend Duke - but if you want to hire a guy you KNOW won't be looking elsewhere, you need to hire within the family. Whether that is someone from your state, an alumnus or 17-year assistant with your program, you can sleep easier at night knowing that your coach isn't on the phone with someone else.