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Questions for Each Big 12 Basketball Team

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Is there any chance Josh Selby is back in Lawrence next year?
Is there any chance Josh Selby is back in Lawrence next year?

So in the aftermath of the Kansas State defeat to Wisconsin a friend and I were exchanging text messages discussing the game. I won't repeat the majority of what was said as some is not fit to expound on.

The one question that my friend asked though that I did not have an answer on and made me try to think towards next year already was: Who will score for Kansas State next season without Jacob Pullen & Curtis Kelly? This got me thinking though what might be a question for every team in the Big 12 for next year.

So with all the Big 12 schools out of the NCAA Tournament except for KU and only Colorado still alive in the NIT, below are my questions for each team.

Kansas State Wildcats: See above, who is going to score with Pullen gone?

Kansas Jayhawks: Will anyone again pick them preseason to not win the Big 12 even if Morris brothers & Selby go pro?

Baylor Bears: Will next years highly talented team play any defense since this years didn't?

Texas Longhorns: It would be wrong but will Rick Barnes start to feel any heat next year once he loses a few games?

Nebraska Cornhuskers: Will I cheer for them in the Big Ten since they were formerly a Big 8 & Big 12 school or will I cheer against them because they're traitors against the Big 12? (I am leaning one way over the other to be honest)

Colorado Buffaloes: See question for Nebraska but insert Pac-10.

Texas A&M Aggies: How long can Texas A&M keep Mark Turgeon before other schools try to grab him?

Missouri Tigers: Assuming Mike Anderson stays will he be too stubborn to adjust his style at all to try and win more games?

Iowa State Cyclones: Pretty simple here, how do all the transfers work out? (This is team I am maybe most interested in watching next year)

Texas Tech Red Raiders: Can Billy Gillispie get that huge nice arena sold out in Lubbock and create a home court atmosphere?

Oklahoma Sooners: Who is coaching this team and do the fans really even care at this point as long as his last name isn't Capel?

Oklahoma State Cowboys: How are they going to compete down low with Marshall Moses gone?