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Results: 2011 NCAA Tournament: Point Spreads & Predictions for Texas and Kansas Games

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Tough loss to take for Texas.
Tough loss to take for Texas.

Well after going 0-3 in predictions on Fridays games I decided to take another shot at it with the Texas & KU games on Sunday. Both games were exciting, one more than the other, and now the Big 12 is down to only one school left in the tournament but that school is it's best chance to win the whole thing. Below are my predictions from yesterday along with actual result of games.



Kansas Jayhawks vs Illinois - The Jayhawks are a 9 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: I think the Jayhawks knocked the rust off themselves in the opening round and will be looking to destroy the Illini. Unless Illinois comes out like Wisconsin did last night and just can't miss from three point range I don't think this will be a contest. Going with Jayhawks to win and cover this spread by a fairly easy margin.

RESULT: KU once again only brought a 4 point lead into the locker room at intermission but opened it up in the 2nd half to win 73-59. The fourteen point victory easily beat the spread of nine so my prediction came through on this one.


Texas Longhorns vs Arizona Wildcats - The Longhorns are a 6 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: The tougher game I feel today between the two Big 12 schools. Texas is a decent favorite considering it's a #4 vs #5 matchup which means the selection committee basically thought of these two teams as equals. I like Texas to win but feel its going to be a back and forth affair so my pick is a Longhorns win but not a cover.

RESULT: Tough way for the season to end for Texas with a 70-69 loss where its possible a foul could have been called on Arizona in that last possession for the Longhorns. My prediction of a Texas win didn't come through but my point spread guess was correct.