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2011 NCAA Tournament: Point Spread Results for Fridays Big 12 Games

Texas A&M became the 2nd Big 12 school to lose this year.
Texas A&M became the 2nd Big 12 school to lose this year.

Well I had predicted a Big 12 sweep on Friday of wins and each team covering the point spread. Unfortunately my predictions on Friday pretty much turned out how my bracket looks which is completely and utterly miserable. Kansas and Texas both won but Texas A&M could not pull out a victory over Florida State.

Below are my predictions along with the actual results from those games.



Kansas Jayhawks vs Boston University - The Jayhawks are a 21 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: Well it's pretty clear by the spread that Vegas does not expect Boston U. to be the first #16 seed to win in the NCAA Tournament. Have to pick KU to obviously win this game and I am going to pick them to cover this spread also.

RESULT: The Jayhawks came out a little tight and Boston U. hit quite a few three pointers in the first half and this was only a 4 point game at the half. KU opened it up in the 2nd half to end up winning 72-53 but they did not cover the spread so I lost on this one.


Florida State vs Texas A&M - The Aggies are a small 1 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: While I fully admit to not having watched much Seminole basketball this year what I have seen hasn't impressed me much. I think A&M is the better coached team in this game and therefore in a game where spread is so low I like the Aggies to win and cover the spread.

RESULT: Well everyone expected this to be a defensive struggle and they were not disappointed as A&M had trouble scoring early and often. Seminoles get the win here 57-50 so another missed prediction on my part.


Texas Longhorns vs Oakland Grizzlies - Texas is a 10.5 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: I was thinking this could be a real close game but then in Evan's preview of this game I learned Oakland was 1-6 this season against teams in the NCAA Tournament. That tells me that maybe Oakland isn't as good as they are getting credit for. Call me a Big 12 homer I guess on my picks but going to go with Texas to win the game and cover the spread.

RESULT: This was the first game of the day and when I quit watching it and listening on the radio Texas was up double digits and I felt pretty safe on my guess of Texas winning and covering. The Longhorns only ended up winning though 85-81 so another game did not cover.