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2011 NCAA Tournament: Points Spreads for Big 12 Games on Friday

Yesterday I gave my predictions on the point spreads for the Missouri Tigers and K-State Wildcats games against Cincinnati and Utah State. Today let's take a look at the three games on Friday involving Texas, Kansas & Texas A&M.


Kansas Jayhawks vs Boston University - The Jayhawks are a 21 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: Well it's pretty clear by the spread that Vegas does not expect Boston U. to be the first #16 seed to win in the NCAA Tournament. Have to pick KU to obviously win this game and I am going to pick them to cover this spread also.

Florida State vs Texas A&M - The Aggies are a small 1 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: While I fully admit to not having watched much Seminole basketball this year what I have seen hasn't impressed me much. I think A&M is the better coached team in this game and therefore in a game where spread is so low I like the Aggies to win and cover the spread.

Texas Longhorns vs Oakland Grizzlies - Texas is a 10.5 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: I was thinking this could be a real close game but then in Evan's preview of this game I learned Oakland was 1-6 this season against teams in the NCAA Tournament. That tells me that maybe Oakland isn't as good as they are getting credit for. Call me a Big 12 homer I guess on my picks but going to go with Texas to win the game and cover the spread.

So needless to say on Friday I am thinking a Big 12 sweep.