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2011 NCAA Tournament Open Thread: Day One Is Further Proof NCAA Hates Big 12

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There are 16 games on today. Sixteen different times that you will have an opportunity to watch college basketball. Well, almost. Because of the ingenious, revolutionary and insanely brilliant idea to not only broadcast every game on one of three televisions, but also to stagger the start times of all the games, you should be able to see most of your favorite teams play during the day.

That is, of course, unless you like the Big 12, which considering you are at Big 12 Hoops, you must.

Sixteen slots and staggered start times, and when do the two Big 12 Thursday games take place? 8:50 p.m. CT and 8:57 p.m. CT. Seven minutes apart, so even with the multitude or channels broadcasting games, unless you are someone who can focus on two things at once, you won't be able to see the entirety of both Big 12 games. This is just further proof on how the NCAA hates the Big 12.

Regardless, join us for some NCAA Tournament hoops chatter either through the nine hours leading up to the Big 12 and/or during those match-ups.

11-seed Missouri Tigers vs. 6-seed Cincinnati Bearcats
8:50 p.m. CT

5- seed Kansas St. Wildcats vs. 12-seed Utah State Aggies
8:57 p.m. CT