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NCAA Tournament Preview: 1-seed Kansas vs. 16-seed Boston U.

For folks in the Midwest, when the Kansas Jayhawks and Boston U. Terriers meet in the first round of the 2011 NCAA Tournament retribution will be on the mind of many. Not because the Terriers have done anything to the Jayhawks, but revenge on all the years the BoSox have dominated the Royals.

And revenge they will get.

The Jayhawks should walk all over the Terriers and easily advance to the second round of the tournament. Despite Boston's 11 game win streak, and despite the fact that for an American East school they actually have some decent size - eight guys on the roster listed at 6'5 and taller compared to six for KU - Boston is no match for KU.

Their relative size all falls between 6'5 and 6'8, so the 6'10-ish Morris twins and 6'9 Thomas Robinson should dominate the inside. The Jayhawk guards are also too fast and too good for Boston to keep up with.

In terms of scoring, Boston ranks 270th nationally at 65.2 points per game. Conversely, Kansas is 5th in the nation at 82.4 ppg. This one should not even be as close as their 17 point season averages dictate.

Boston is lead by John Holland and his 19.2 points per game. Holland didn't just inflate his numbers against mediocre opponents either. He got 20 in a loss to Kentucky, 14 in a loss to Villanova and 28 in a victory over Nevada.

When you hear KU fans, especially those based in KC, taunting the 16-seed Terriers, just know that as much as they love winning, there is a hint of payback in their screams.

The game tips at 5:50 CT on Friday and can be seen on TBS.