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NCAA Tournament Predictions Sure To Backfire - Big 12 Schools, Final Fours and Champions

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For this week's "Predictions Sure To Backfire" we'll take a look at how far we think each of the Big 12 teams will will amke it and also predict our Final Four and NCAA Champion. Like last week, we'll use commenter consensus to fill out the Guest Picks, so let us know your predictions in the comments and we'll see if you can again better us with your picks..

So enter your picks in the comments and we'll fill in the Guest Picker with the consensus of the commenters. Check back before the first tip on Thursday to see the Guest Commenter consensus pick

Good luck, and we all know I need it.

Big 12 Basketball Conference Picks
Joe Loyd

Matt Patton

Evan Pfaff


Season Record 80-28 73-35 73-35 81-27
(All Guest Picks)
Last Week
Big 12 Tournament
7-4 4-7 8-3 9-2
How Far Will The Big 12 Teams Make It?
1-seed Kansas Jayhawks Champs
Elite Eight
4-seed Texas Longhorns.  Round of 32
Sweet 16 Final Four
5-seed Kansas St. Wildcats  Round of 64
 Second Round Sweet 16
7-seed Texas A&M Aggies  Round of 32 Round of 64 Round of 32  
11-Seed Missouri Tigers  Round of 32 Sweet 16 Round of 32  
Colorado Buffaloes        
Who Will Make The Final Four?
Final Four Predictions Ohio State
Ohio State
Who Will Be Crownded Champion?
NCAA Champion Predictions KU over OSU
Duke over Pitt
Ohio State over KU

See a week-by-week breakdown of how Joe, Matt, Evan and the Guest Pickers did after The Jump

Week 1
Joe: 9-3
Matt: 9-3
Evan: 7-5
Jon Woods of Ralphie Report: 7-5

Week 2
Joe: 10-3
Matt: 10-3
Evan: 11-2
Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation: 11-2

Week 3
Joe: 7-4
Matt: 6-5
Evan: 5-6
Seth C of Double-T Nation: 6-5

Week 4
Joe: 11-2
Matt: 7-6
Evan: 6-7
Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk: 8-5

Week 5
Joe: 8-3
Matt: 8-3
Evan: 7-4
Bill C. of Rock M Nation: 9-2

Week 6
Joe: 9-3
Matt: 10-2
Evan: 10-2
Mr Corn. of Corn Nation: 9-3

Week 7
Joe: 9-4
Matt: 10-3
Evan: 9-4
Miguel Mejia Frequent Commenter:11-2

Week 8
Joe: 9-4
Matt: 7-6
Evan: 6-7
BracketCat of Bring On The Cats: 9-4

Week 9
Joe: 10-2
Matt: 9-3
Evan: 10-2
Mark Kieffer of Clone Chronicles: 11-1

Big 12 Tournament
Joe: 7-4
Matt: 4-7
Evan: 8-3
Commenter Consensus: 9-2