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Cue Rodney Dangerfield - Big 12 Gets No Respect

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The NCAA selection committee obviously underrates the value of play in the Big 12 conference. Though the Big 12 is the third highest ranked conference according to both Jeff Sagarin and Ken Pomeroy the conference received just five bids.

The committee did right, in giving the Kansas Jayhawks a top seed, but the Texas Longhorns finished second in the conference regular season, second in the conference tournament and finished the season 27-7 and could only muster a four seed? That I don't get.

I also don't get the absence of the Colorado Buffaloes. All the Buffs did was beat the Kansas St. Wildcats three times, the Missouri Tigers and Texas Longhorns each once. I understand that losses are never good, but they were a shot away from also defeating the Texas A&M Aggies. On the season the Buffs finished 21-13.

As for the other seeds, I do think the selection committee did right n giving K-State a five seed, but again, if K-State is a five seed, then how is Texas a four seed? The n to cast off the Texas A&M Aggies as a 7 seed is another sign of disrespect.

Listen, if the Big East can get 11 teams in, which I might argue is one to two too many, and the Big 10 can get seven in, then the Big 12 deserves six teams, and more respect from the committee.

This was a pathetic showing from the selection committee.