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Selection Sunday Open Thread: Big 12 Edition

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Join in the discussion on the committee's selection process of Big 12 schools, or their selection in general. Tune into the selection show at 5:00 p.m. CT on CBS and come here to tell us what you think.

Or before the brackets are announced, give us your idea of who is going to make the field of 64 65 68 (I think that's pretty much a given) and what seed you predict them to land.

Also, we'd like to know how far you think each team will be able to go, and if there are any upset specials.

Pretty much anything you want to discuss. We're here and will give you our insight, and emphatically agree, or politely disagree with your thoughts.

Did Texas do enough to get a 1 seed? WIll CU make the field? Can KU make it to another Final Four? Are Mizzou or K-State colling at the wrong time? Can Baylor sneak in? What say you?